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Freedom, the concept of freedom differs from one person to another, and our perception of freedom lags behind in our societies, states, religion, culture, and experiences in this life.

For me, I discovered freedom, the moment I looked at reading more about philosophy, and looking at things from another perspective, I used to think that my life before was the life of any free woman, but unfortunately I was wrong.

The concept of freedom needs time to crystallize in our minds, trying to understand freedom within a society and a state system that does not recognize this concept, it was something that carries a lot of risks, that I think outside the box is easy to say but his experience was not and will not be easy from my point of view, we judge others based on Our experience, based on what we hold of information, reading was that key that helped me discover this concept, and I wish to mention some of the philosophers whose philosophy was influenced and led by Judo Krishnamurti, I was reading to him and I feel this hunger for knowledge, and also John Jacques Rousseau, Wolter, Nietzsche, Descartes, Aristotle, Plato, Hegel, and others

We need to feel the importance of reading if we need to understand freedom, and more importantly, to get to know the concept of individual freedoms, which is one of the things that are not mentioned in most of our Arab countries. It has one of my simplest individual rights, nearly eight years after the start of a journey to discover this concept, I live that today under a law that protects me my rights and freedom, this trip that I paid for a lot was worth.

We cannot lie to ourselves too much and say that the countries that govern a religious organization can guarantee your rights. Everyone who lives in these countries knows for sure that this is not possible, as the simplest example of freedom of expression or criticism of religion costs some of their lives, or living in prison without trial Or just law

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