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Free women

How can we be free and even our bodies do not have it, how can we be free while we are forced to do much for our families, our society, our religion, everything around us compels us to comply with it, our good things, our dreams, our ambition, coincidences play the role of destiny, That this body is born into a family that respects freedoms and rights, so your life will be beautiful, easy, and perhaps a boring routine, and sometimes it is difficult for you to understand what other women around you suffer.

How can I impose the right to self-determination with this body if the laws are made by men, who will not and have not lived a quarter of what oppressed women live under these laws, from the least thing that can be taken off like a veil or a change of religion or out of it, to the greatest obsession of eastern society which is protection This body of sex, which is considered one of the individual rights in the countries of the first world, how do we continue to lie and say that everything is pink and beautiful around us and there is a woman who suffers and suffers silently and we do not know with us! The crimes that are committed against women in our Arab countries, we are all partners in it because we have not done anything to stop it, the silence and fear, which lives in our minds, nothing will lead us, these crimes will continue for future generations and what are we doing?

I should pay tribute to the hat for every girl who wrote something. She said the word Haqq, she became an activist in the field of women’s rights, devoted time to that. Thank you, change will not be led by one woman, change is led by everyone, we need more effort from my point of view, in documentation Those crimes are in the English language in order for us to have a reference in the event that one of our free women has the opportunity to speak to the international community. We must think with her, how, and what we need to change this reality, and the biggest pregnancy from my point of view falls on every girl who came out of these societies and lives a safe life in One of the first world countries, we will not move and we do not believe in the need for change, we will not move and we do not move our human feelings, to create a better reality and future for us as women, every woman of us can make miracles, but we must believe in ourselves, our capabilities, and our strength.

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